Thursday, March 11, 2010


How's the digitizing process coming?
I don't have much time so, I'm going to have to respond tothe letters in tapes, sorry!
Life has been great here, we got our travel plans 4 hours after the last email, and about 18 hours ago we found out we are being delayed...indefinetely...apparently they can't get appointments with the Mexican Consulate, and something with Visas. So I might be sticking around Provo for a while.
BUT! I get to call home! I'm going to becalling tomorrow evening! So I hope everyone's home, I'll try and call after 7 o'clock so everyone's home!
The MTC is still greatthough, we got a new solid group of Elders in who are going to San Diego/Washington. OH! I also hosted new missionaries coming in this week. I don't know if you remember that Elder that carrid me off, I did that. It was cool, I hope I helped them a little bit on that tough day.
By the way, I can't even respond on the tapes until Thursday, so please don't get offended if yu don't hear responses right off, it's coming, I assure you!
I heard from both brothers this week, yay! Thanks guys! Emily, I haven't heard much from you though. How's work doing? How's your health? Still working at the same place and all?
Anways, I guess I'll talk to you all tomorrow,

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