Monday, September 20, 2010

Sept 20th 2010

That`s super exciting about the book! Congratulations Dad! Family reunion? Without squirt guns? I thought Utah had everything at every second if it had something to do with families. Hahaha, I`m sure Merlin loves that combo. Elder Rojas haaaaaaaates peanut butter, and every time I eat a sandwich or something he wants to through a bunch of guacamole on it...OH! I sent that email again, it said it was still a draft, so we`ll see if it works better this time. The other one in that picture is Elder Barnes, one of our Zone Leaders here. I`m going to be travelling with him and the other leaders in Uruapan to Guadalajara for the week, where we will be recieving MORE TRAINING YAAAAA! WOOOOOOH! Yep, another week where I will be seperated by half a country from my investigators...speaking of which, I`m still in Uruapan! Apparently their still looking for the house, and said I might be here another 3-4 weeks. Also that I`ll be going to Guadalajara probably, next to a really big lake.
If a zone got closed down in Guadalajara well...usually that means not good stuff happened there, but I`m going to hope we just didn`t have enough missionaries to cover it all. It`ll be a huge change of pace from quite little Uruapan. Guadalajara is one of the biggest cities in the world. They have gas stations. Do you know how huge that is? There`s maybe 3-4 gas stations in this entire city. camera doesn`t like this computer or something, I`m going to try and send some photos, but we`ll see. Mostly because, we had another baptism yesterday! Wooooooh! Eraclio, we contacted him in the street a couple of months ago, and told us he leaves in a place that is really far away and we never go there, but one day we went by, and he was there. We started to teach him, and everything was going well. Eventually we found out that he goes to another church, Spiritual Doctrine or something like that. It`s a locally made church in his neighborhood has some weird ideas. The problem was that he always visited the other church after our meetings, and didn`t want to give it up. We started talking to him about the First Vision and Joseph Smith, and he says, I believe Jesus Christ restored a branch of his truth through Joseph. We started to try and explain everything in the world to him, but it didn`t matter. We told him to pray, and the next day brought over the DVD of the Joseph Smith movie. We watched it, he prayed, and the next day felt like he received an answer that the church was truly restored through Joseph Smith. It was such an amazing shock to us. He was pretty deep into this other church, and he just straight up told us, it`s true. Thanks God! Honestly, people do NOT change like this! I am so amazingly humbeled to be able to see God working such miracles among his children. I know that God loves each and every one of us. He knows us individually, and desires the salvation of us all.
I have been thinking a lot about that. Every single person we see is a son or daughter of God. He worries for them. He wants them to be happy. He loves them just as he loves them. It is something that has really changed how I view this work. We`re not here just to help people be happy, to feel closer to God, whatever. We are here to invite this precious souls, brothers and sisters, to come unto Christ. To know their true father in heaven who is desperate to reach out to them, according to their faith. It is something amazing to think about walking down the street.
Things are going well though, I finished my food that I bought a while ago, so it`s time for another trip to WAL MART. Which apparently doesn`t exist in Peru, according to Elder Briceño. By the way, when I get to Guadalajara, I will probably be training again...wooooooh. Three children in 5 months is not natural! Oh well. We push on and do what we need to do in our lives.
Sounds like Elder Peacock is doing awesome, and future Elder Newell 2! CONGRATULATIONS! I hope he can really study like crazy this next bit that he has. I wish frequently that I studied more effectively in my time I had at home. Not just the scriptures, but also Preach My Gospel.
I hope all the siblings are doing good, I haven`t heard from any for a while. Effie every now and then, thanks Euf. Em? Than? Ben? How are you doing all? How`s Thor coming along? I dreamed you entered into a competition for best new combat system and you were pretty confident you would win. What? I`m still a Newell.
Anyways, that`s all I got this week family. I know this church is true. I know God lives. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, a tool in his hands, and that God truly does loves us.

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