Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all yuor letters! They have meant so much. We cherish every letter. And the elders in the district cherish every cookie. By the way, if the typing seems a little weird, it's because this keyboard is really rundown.

thanks for the pictuers you guys have sent! They are so awesome1 I love seeing home and having family pictures.

The most excitig thing that happened was yesterday, and i doubt it will be topped the rest of my time here. Right after gym I was changing, and over the intercom we heard, 'Is there a Joseph Newell there?""...ya...""Please call the front desk immediately." So i called and they siad go to the MTC president's office. Uh oh. I was thinking, what have I done? I didn't think I did anything against the rules, nevertheless something the MTC President would need to talk to me about. So me and Elder Tibbits get in, and President Smith says, "President Uchtdorf was just here and wants to speak with you. Can you come back in 30 minutes?""...ya...ya I think we can do that."

So we run back, get our cameras, and run back, and drill spanish until the time. We start seeing all these security guys walking around, and one walks towards us and says, "ever met an apostle?""No""Well there's one right behind me." We looked down the hall and he was walking towards us all smiles. We went into the MTC president's office and it was just President Uchtdorf and my companion and I. He just talked to us for about 15 minutes, mentioned Dad, then asked if we had any questions. I thought "Ask for a blessing.""No! He's an Apostle, I'm not gonna do that!""Ask for a blessing!""No! Stop that!" But eventually I did ask, and he just smiled and said of course.

He gave me an amazing blessing, and then asked if I would like to help give Elder Tibbits a blessing. It was an absolutely amazing experience. He even let us take pictures with him. I'll try and get those sent home later in the week, along with the other ones I've taken. Last time I tried the machine broke. Did you put him up to it Dad? We couldn't figure out whey he would just out of the blue ask to meet with us.

Life is going great, Spanish is coming along nicely. We just finished future tense, so we can speak in present, past, and future now. Tenses are weird.

How are all of you doing? How's Merls doing? I miss you all so much, keep me updated on how things are going! It sucks knowing that I could be home in 15 minutes at any one time of day, I just want to get to Mexico already! Haha, but it's great being here. Amo tu muy mucho, y quiero todos de tus saber que amo tu, y yo sé que Cristo vive. Yo sé que Jose Smith veó Dios y su hijo, Jesucristo, in este dia. Yo sé que Presidente Monson es un profeta de Dios y que seguimos Jesucristo en este Iglesia.

Mucho Amor,
Elder Newell

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