Thursday, February 25, 2010



I don´t have much time here, they swapped over our emails, so my

address is different now, but is run through GMAIL! YAAAAA!

SO! Boring week, you´ll probably be getting most of your exciting information from the tape. Speaking of which! Dad, the only kind they sell here are the micro tapes, no didigital. Also, no uploading anything to the computers here...sooo....nothing at least till I get to Mexico. We´ll see once I get down there. I figured out that tapes are like, 10 cents a tape, so it isn´t nearly as bad as I thought.

It´s been a kind of hard week for the district. We all started doing our teaching thing that the teachers want us to do (See tape) and a lot of people are getting fairly frustrated with Spanish. They are just having a really hard time with it...however we are taking some good steps to move on past it, and it seems to be doing alright. The main problem is that when we would usually study, we´re teaching now, so it´s kinda hurting us.

I´m doing great though! Elder Tibbitts and myself are really flourishing! Being Zone Leader is waaaaaay easier than District Leader! I count it an extreme honor to be able to server the elders in this zone, it is amazing to see their progress, and to try and help them out in whatever meager ways I can.

Mi familia, los amo tan mucho! Quiero que estar con vosotros pero yo sé que este is donde necisito estar. No puedo esperar por cuando estoy en Mexico! Es encredible a pensar que voy a estar en allí en 3 semanas! AAAARGH! Necesito aprender mas español! Necesito aprender mas acerca del Evangelio! Neceisto aprender mas sobre como enseñar la gente! AAAARGH! Pero, confio en Dios y Jesucristo. Yo sé que va a ayudarme a superar mis afflicciones y superar los deficios en mi vida.
Nos vemos mi familia!
Elder Newell

My family, I love you so much! I want to be with you but I know that this is where I should be. I can't wait to get to Mexico! It's incredible to thing that I'll be there in 3 weeks! AAAARGH! I need to learn more Spanish! I need to learn more about the Gospel! I need to learn more about how to teach the people! AAAARGH! But, I trust in God and in Jesus Christ. I now that God will help me overcome my afflictions and overcome the deficiencies in my life.

I'll see you, my family!

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