Monday, April 5, 2010

Of Snow and Conference


Earthquake? No, we didn´t feel a thing. Is everything OK over there? Tha´s crazy that you´re still getting snow! We´re burning up in this cyber here in our sunday clothes (no suit coats thank goodness). Ya, I had heard that before Dad, they mentioned it a couple of times at the MTC in talks. Pretty cool eh? The firsyt time I heard about it the speaker then immediately said, "Now I bet you wish you sent in a bette picture, huh?" And I just thought...yep...

I remember hearing a talk from Elder Oaks, but I don´t remember much about it. I remember he told a story he didn´t want anyone to tell his wife, and that he was freaking funny, but nothing else.

Anyways, life here in Mexico is good! I will be sending home two weeks of journal entries today! Sorry I didn´t get last weeks out, we were super busy. I also don´t think I will be able to send home pictures today, my camera firewire port is not fitting the cable, so I´m going to find mine and see if it fits or not. Sorry.

I don´t really have a lot of time, but life has been good. We have a great ward here, full of support and love for the missionaries. They are almost all striving to be missionaries themselves, and share this great word with their trusted friends and family. This week we saw the fruits of some of that labor, Carmina, a referral from this elderly Hermano Huerrera. She was baptized Saturday, in between conference sessions. She has such a powerful testimony.

Elder Ashton just got a phone call about transfers...and doesn´t seem happy...I guess somebody went home. That´s sad. It is distressing to think of the eventually thousands of people that will not come to know of the Gospel because of that...but we can´t focus on those sorts of things! Crap. I guess someone got sent home through disobedience, and now things have to get mixed up. Myself and Elder Armstrong are getting sent to Uruapan...tonight...bleeeeergh. Guess I´ll be with an Elder Mata, a District Leader there. Aaaaargh, I was just getting used to here....Oh well. I have faith that these changes were inspired to be of the most help to us, and to the people of Mexico. Well, I´m running out of time now. I gotta get going.

I love you all, I know this church is true, and that it is the tool of such great happiness in this life for those who listen to it, and eternal life hereafter.

Os amo!


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