Monday, April 26, 2010

That sounds awesome! Sad to hear about the Kindle...that^s a nice machine...maybe I can arrange for a quick 12 hour visit to Utah for P-day Sounds like John is having some hard times, hahaha, but when I get back it^ll be great because I^m going to have a whole bunch of games for him to play that I buy for like, 10 bucks since they^ve already been out for two years!

I^m actually surprised about Merlin. Sounds like he^s just really mellowed out.

Geez Mom, sounds like your gardening is still going strong. I told Elder Mata you could never live here, because no one has yards. It^s mostly your house, then directly in front is a dirt road or somethin glike that.

Yolanda is having success, yes, but she is still addicted. She^s been smoking for 50 years, so it is really really hard. She sais that the Book of Mormon and prayers to God have given her much more courage than she has ever had before. She actually asked us for help to help her quit smoking before we talked about the word of wisdom, because she has a son she doesn^t want to leave alone in the world. We brought some members by her house and she just loved to talk with them. She reminds me of grandma Newell in a way, she could talk for 50 hours straight if she needed to. But she has had an absolutely tragic, every visit she tells about some different part of her life that makes me want to cry.

Yikes, sounds like Dad has been working like crazy! That^s awesome that all his big projects (for now) are finished! Get some rest Dad!

Em^s going on a cruise? Huh? Gratz I guess!

I^m going to work harder to take more photos of Uruapan/myself for next week, I slacked off a bit this week.

We^ve been cleaning the house like mad too, since that was part of the deal. The other Elders before us didn^t clean the house for like, a year. So we have been going through all the crap they left (and treasure) and getting everything sparkling clean. I got a pair of super nice shoe trees from Men^s Warehouse that were in a corner But there was a ridiculous amount of dust in the air.

I do believe it is time for, THE MUNDANE THING OF THE WEEK!!!!! Trash isn^t a public service here. It^s all private, and at random times. So to let people know when they^re coming around, they hire people to walk around the city ringing bells. When you hear the bell, you bring out your trash, hand them some change (as far as I can tell there^s no system of measurement, just what they feel like it should be) and they put it in a truck and leave.

Well, I think that^s all I have this week. I hope everyone is doing well, and Los amo un buen!

Elder Joseph Newell

Our last class photo *tear*

My first couple days in Morelia. Elder Tyler snuck in a picture while I slept. I was buuuuuurned.

Elder Mata is on the left. In the middle is Elder Medina, he finished his mission on Monday.

Why you don^t give crazy Zone Leaders your camera. That^s Elder Ashton from Morelia in between conference sessions.

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