Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On Snow and Tomato Plants


That sounds crazy! Uruapan has two temperatures, hot, and boiling lava hot pocket hot. I miss snow

Haha, way to go Than! Hopefully that raised you a couple points in their eyes! I would have loved to worked with him on that. Did he stain them too? That´s awesome they are getting to cook so much, that´s something I really miss on the mission. But I´m learning all kinds of cool new recipes and stuff. Like this last week we ate some soup that had giant corn kernels, but they weren´t like yellow corn on the cob. They looked like they had a covering on them still. But when you ate it it tasted like potatoes almost. That, with some shredded chicken, onions, and chiles was suuuper good. Every soup has the same broth here. It looks like water that somebody threw a toooooooon of grease in. It gets those circles on top you get if you put oil on top of water. It´s red, and it tastes reaaallly good though.

Why is Em leaving on a cruise? That sounds awesome though, congratulations! Have fun with Euf for a day!

Hah, that dancing sounds fun. I´m happy the room is still getting some good usage while I´m gone.

Yikes Mom, that car accident sounded fun. If it needed to go into the shop it must not have been something too small. I´m happy all is well though.

Yolanda is doing good, we are going to finish all the teachings this week and she has a baptismal fecha for the 29th. We identified that her brother brings all the smokes for her, so she committed to asking her brother to stop bringing them back to the house.

A duck? Yikes. I see weird birds all the time here and think how much you would love to take a trip here Mom. Particularly around the national park area.

Yesterday we went to Guadalajara to sign my visa, which actually happened this week. We left Uruapan at 1 in the morning and slept on the way over there.

We also had divisions this week. I went with a zone leader...who doesn´t speak any English. And we were in my area, so I had to be the senior companion for the day. So that was fun. But allw ent well, and I learned a ton.

This week we were pretty frustrated because we worked really, really hard and none of our investigators went to church. We planned for 6. Later that day we were walking around, and got back in contact with 2 former investigators...who then introduced us to their whole families! They are all super interested and have the possibility to be baptized this month! We have a meta for 10, but it could be 20 if all of them get baptized. So we are super excited.

In fact, I´m so excited, I want to tell you all a MUNDANE THING OF THE WEEK!!!! So, cockfights are legal in Mexico. We walked past this house with an iron gate, with two chickens tied up on opposite ends of the gate. Elder Mata said, have you ever been to a cockfight? What!? No! That´s horrible! And illegal! He says, really? Huh, it´s pretty normal around here...

I´m going to send pictures in another email...my card got eaten by the computer...

Adios familia! Talk to you soon!

Elder Joseph Newell

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