Monday, May 24, 2010

A Great Call!



It was so awesome to hear all of you last week! It was great to hear that everyone is doing well. Than and Ben, I hope the crisis got worked out.

That´s awesome to hear that there will be so much time with the family soon! That all sounds pretty intense, enjoy it everyone! I see so many people here in Mexico that say, I have a son in Acapulco. Oh really? That´s awesome, when did you see him last? About 30 years ago. Oh. Do you have anything planned to see them again? In the next life. Oh...

Wow, you still have high school reunions? And you go to them? I thought you guys gave up on those a long time ago. Other than the age thing, I hope you had some good times.

Also happy to hear Em had a good cruise, and that she could spend some time with the girls.

Awesome that there is going to be a huge garden when I get back! I look forward to reaping the fruits of your labors (literaly)! And more chilis? Sweet! The members here have a ton of respect for you Mom because you can grow Chiles!

Yes, it is really, really hot here. Like, neauseating. We have to take little 5 minute breaks every now and again if we´re walking really long in the day to stop from vomiting. But the nights are fairly cool usually, so that´s nice. We´re also heading into the rainy season, so with the clouds and everything it should get a lot better.

The week for us was pretty dang good. We worked really hard until Thursday, were we went to Guadalajara to go to the temple there as a reward for breaking records for the mission, then we went to Serloin Steakhouse. Imagine Chuck-O-Rama, but way bigger, and slightly mexican. It was awesome, because they had mexican tacos and all that, but also, MASHED POTATOES! Every meal is rice, beans, and meat. BUT THEY HAD MASHED POTATOES! AND SALAD! Not just lettuce with lime squirted on it, REAL lettuce, with BACON, cheese, and ranch dressing! And potato salad! And pasta salad! And all kinds of other American food! Holy cow it was soooooooooooo good. I didn´t realize how much I missed a varied diet until now! I remembered something else they had, taquitos, but instead of meat and cheese, mashed potatoes. Yep. Surprised me too when I bet into it.

Another Mexican treat is beans with scrambled eggs mixed in. Or beans with Elote...corn! That´s the word.

The day after that we went to hear from Elder Bednar as a mission, and it was a revelatory experience. He didn´t teach a thing. He didn´t give a talk or anything, we just asked questions for 3 hours basically. We all learned a ton and grew a lot.

That reminds me (I have no idea why) but I withdrew 500 pesos, about 40 bucks or so, I hope that´s OK. It should be the end of my expenses for a long while, I want to get a USB drive so I don´t lose all my stuff if my camera breaks or gets stolen or something.

How´s Al doing? Avoiding all the craziness?

I hope you´re all doing well, and send you the best of wishes I have.

Qué les vayan bien, y tengan un buen dia!

Adios familia,
Elder Joseph Neil Newell

Posing for a cool shot above most of the trees.
Our bautismo last week. The one who baptized was an ex-missionary (RM) that came back for a trip that taught her.
The bishop in his home right after the call, and his dog.
One of the more destitute parts of the area. Flies are everywhere, and nobody has walls. Just medium sized rooms for houses.
Yep. That is a spicy sucker in the shape of a roasted chicken.
The cathedral of Guadalajara. This silhouette is on most of the taxis, and farmacies. It looks like a weird M with crosses on the points.
Just signed my visa. Can´t see it very well but theirs ink on my thumbs. I´M MEXICAN NOW!
That place seems strangely familiar...thanks Em for taking this! I realized once I got out I had no pictures of the house!

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