Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aug 2, 2010

Burger King is really expensive down here...

Yes. Someone drove a school bus down from California. Seriously.


Sounds like there are a bunch of cool things coming out now, I´m in a ciber right n fron tof a huge movie theater and I can see that the new Karate Kid is out. I heard about that before leaving on the mission, so it was interesting to see that it´s already happened. It honestly feels like I just barely left home...if I had to go home right now it would feel shorter than the time I spent in California.
The picture you attached, I don´t think I got one of the Kraken. I got one of a Rancor, but no Kraken. I´m happy to hear that Clash of the Titans lived up to every single expectation I had for it. Good effects, no substance. sounds like something fun to watch in the room when I get back home.
I´m sorry to hear about Grandma´s cousin, I´m sure that can´t be too easy. But at least it was calmed away by the super buffett of Golden Corral. And yes Mom, I have completely repented of my sins against Golden Corral. We ate like kings in Guadalajara, eating in a place that has the world record for fastest food served twice, and an american style buffett another time. Then I came back to Uruapan...rice...beans...meat in water....yummy. It´s good food, just that there isn´t a lot of variations. I almost went crazy, literally, at the beginning of my mission, WHERE IS THE CHEESE!? They almost don´t use cheese, and I have yet to see cheddar. But I have sicne adapted to the local cuisine, and am learning how to cook. I can´t wait to get back and show some of the tips and tricks they are teaching me. Trick number one: Everything has lime. Trick number two: Everything has chile. If it has those two things, it´s food from Mexico.
Bernardos new job is with his younger brother´s Avacado business. Uruapan is the city of avacados, and everyone here loves guacamole. Yes Dad, I have gained a taste for guacamole. He cuts and delivers avacado, and when we go visit him now, he hands off avacados and mangos the size of my head. Speaking of which, I learned to not trust cell phones very much this week. While I was in Guadalajara, Bernardo was going to be baptized, I called Elder Rojas to see if the needed anything from me before it happened, and he said it wouldn´t happen. I came back, talked to him on Friday, and apparently what happened was that his brother answered the phone, and decided to play a really, really stupid joke. He said, Hey, can I bring my girlfriend that lives with me and my 5 sons to the baptism? Huh? Ya, you didn´t know about her? Basically it was just a stupid, stupid joke that delayed his baptism until Saturday. Also, for that, the member that was going to baptize him couldn´t, because he got sick. So I had to perform the ordinance, but everything is OK now, and we are in fact teaching his brother that is super borracho (drunkard).
The conference in Guadalajara was awesome! We learned toooooooons, and have really progressed as missionaries. Elder Rojas and I are becoming better and better companions, and striving to always be better people. Effie, there is a couple here in the ward that really reminds me of you and Mark. They are weird to look at. Like, mexican versions of yourselves. I don´t know how much time I have left here in uruapan, I already have 4 months here, but I am enjoying it more and more. It is a very pretty place, and the people are quite humble. We´re going to be buying some health shakes to eat in the mornings instead of cereal or breakfast sandwiches. It´s faster, easier, and healthier. I´ll let you know how it goes.
We have this new family of investigators. Their dad passed away about 2 months ago, and they were destroyed by it. They were angry at God, at life, at everything. We have started talking to them about how they can live to see their father once again, and how Jesus Christ has suffered to help them know how to make it thorugh this trouble they are having. Now they are always smiling, coming to church, and will be baptized this next sunday. Honestly, this gospel is for EVERYONE! Not just for those who are consumed in drugs, or those who are destroying their lives with alchohol or cigarettes, but for all that have a desire to know their god, their savior, their king. I know that this gospel saves the lives of those who choose to abide by it´s precepts, and brings us to a newer level of happiness than we can know. I see miracles every week here in the lives of the people we talk to, and I count it a remarkable blessing to be able to be here to see them.

Well I hope everyone else is doing well up there in Utah. Don´t worry Mom, my shoes are fine. They are still practically brand new the ones that Dad bought me. I have been using them almost exclusively for the last month and a half and they are doing just fine. They are starting to get some wrinkles in the leather, but nothing serious. I am buying new insoles every now and again, thank you very much mom for your concern. I know I always have at least one person at home worrying about all the little things :)
I´m super sad to hear that merlin is starting the fall down the stairs phase. I remember when Indi used to do that...not fun.
Anyways, I think that´s everything. I´ll talk to you all next week!
Elder Newell

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