Thursday, August 12, 2010

July 26th 2010


Wow, sounds like you are all just super involved in activities now that the couch potato is in Mexico :P

Sounds like everything was fun though. Sleeping on the picnic table didn´t hurt? Sounds like that paradeis one of those things that´s really funny, a week or so afterwards.

Well, things in Mexico are doing fine. Oh, by the way, the Missionary Handbook, (at least in spanish and english) says nothing about cutting your own hair. This week we had 6 investigators at church this week! Woooooh! Things are doing fine, we have these investigators, Jennifer, and Yuritzi. Their 2 teenagers, 15 and 19, who are going to be baptized pretty quickly here. Yuritzi, the 19 year old, is going to get married in two months. We asked her if her husband is going to accept and support her in her decisions, her response was, "Tiene que hacerlo." Or, He HAS to do it. We responded, he sure does!

Bernardo is going to be baptized, today! Wooooh! He is such an amazing miracle. He was a drug user/seller, drinker, smoker, everything, and after our first visit and reading and praying about the Book of Mormon, left it all behind. It is amazing to see how this gospel consistently changes the lives of the people who choose to live it. The first contact with him we were thinking, OK, how can we get out of this situation as soon as possible and away from the borrachos? He really wanted to meet with us, so we went there one day, and gave the first lesson saying things like, "The Gospel of Jesus Christ requires a lot from us. Salvation isn´t easy. What are you willing to do to recieve these blessings?" Thinking, nothing. But no, immediately he dropped everything, and has a super firm testimony in the Church of Jesus Christ. I can´t even explain it.

The problem, is that I WILL NOT BE HERE FOR HIS BAPTISM NOOOOOO! At 4 today I am going to Guadalajara for a week long conference for leaders! Almost half of the mission is going to be in Guadalajara, learning the new way that we train missionaries, and working over there. It´ll be intense.

But all this week we were running around the whole area trying to get as many people as we could in the capilla. So, because of that not many things special happened this week.

I do believe it´s time for another edition of, ONLY IN MEXICOOOOO!!!
We just barely passed by a fiesta of the Santo Santiago, this is another fiesta of the neighborhoods, and they close off almost all the streets. While we passed by, every single person had a beer in their hand. Yes, even the children. I don´t know if it´s only in Mexico, but it came to my mind as a way to help you all feel grateful for living in Utah! I smelled alcohol maybe 3 times before my mission. Now it´s every day. New experiences for sure.

Anyways, I think that´s all I´ve got this week, sorry it´s short.


Elder Newell

I learned another new skill. How to catch, by HAND, flys. I´ll never have to buy another flyswatter again! I feel like I´m in Tombstone.

Since all the doors here are metal, I use my key to knock the doors. Yesterday I dropped it, and it rolled down a large garage...this picture represnted my desperation. We eventually got it back, but my clothes got really dirty and I don´t think they´ll forgive me.

We ate at a restaurant this week. For desert, they gave us Dad´s worst enemy. Can you guess? Eh? Can ya? Yep, FLAN! It tasted really good. Almost like a really smooth/gelatinous cheese cake with syrup.


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