Sunday, July 25, 2010


Yes, those are awesome Mom, thank you so much! Geez our house is HUUUUUUUGE! Nothing to make you appreciate the US like living in Mexico for 4 months.

I´m sorry to hear about the recent passings of family, I don´t believe that I knew them, but it is sad still the same. But, it brings great JOY to know that I can know them one day! Yay for family!

Hahahahahahaha, I can´t believe that I have a relative that tried to burn down the Tabernacle, hahahaha, that´s great!

Geez Grandma! I can´t believe someone robbed all your stuff. It´s good to hear everything else is OK, but nevertheless, yikes. The nice thing is that in Utah, the police help with stuff like that. I know someone who has an abusive husband, but their family paid a judge so that they can´t get divorced. Good times.

Haha, that picture is great, and so awesome that you made, more or less, those clothes! Way to go. Glad to hear that Alex is doing alright, and that his family is nice and happy.

Well, for us this week, we had changes today, and it is looking like I´ll be sticking around for at least 6 more weeks here in Uruapan. Probably not more than that, but who knows, I might be here for a year.

This week was exciting, I BUILT A HOUSE! Kind of. No, OK; not really, but I did help tear out floor, throw a bunch of rocks into a ditch in an entirely manly way, and then tore apart some wood, using other wood, in a spectacular show of cavemanship. Then we built a roof. It was fun. The pictures are from a cliff nearby where we were. It was really, really pretty. We could see all of Uruapan. I hope the pictures capture it.

This week we also were talking with Bernardo, I don´t remember if I talked about him, but he is this guy that smoke and drank like crazy, and was drunk when he yelled to us. We started talking this week, and he has completely dropped smoking and drinking, saying, "Well it doesn´t make any sense for a bottle to stand between me and God. It´s just an object." YES IT IS.

We also had 104 PEOPLE IN CHURCH THIS WEEK WOOOOOOOOH! Finally this ward is getting excited to do missionary work! It´s been a loooong month and a half trying to get the trust of the ward back with Elder Rojas and myself, but it has finally happened! The ward Leaders are working hard to find new people to help bring into the church, and we are doing our part as well to go around to the member´s houses, ask for referrences, and bring them information. I have found that most people don´t complete with commitments, or don´t want to, because they dont know how, and it is scary and really easy to say I don´t want to do it. But when we are given the information we need, all of a sudden things become fun!

Also, I washed my own clothes last week. By HAND. That was a fun adventure in which I learned there is a reason that people invented washing machines. Thank you Mom for all that you do in the house! Having to live on my own and clean a house of two floors and work to keep it clean with just me and Elder Rojas, I cannot imagine what it is like to look after 4 screaming kids all trying to throw chocolate on the walls.

We´re working hard, and the area is starting to become an area that people want to be in, instead of the area where noone does anything. The Lord has helped us toooons, and we are very happy to recieve it. We are being guided to the people the Lord has prepared truly.

Last night we talked with this young father, Omar, that used drugs for most of his life, but his friend introduced him to the Bible, and prayed to God to help him through it, and now he is clean. When we came by, he told us he feels that God was preparing him to be able to recieve us, and that through this affliction he has a better family, and possibly something great on the horizon.

It is sooo true! God puts us in hard situations, but so that we can GROW from them! The Plan of Happiness isn´t just a name, it is the basis, the whole point! To be happy! When we follow the counsil of God, and do what we can to serve him, our neighbours, and ourselves, we grow into a person that we are proud of. I love this gospel. It works miracles in the lives of those who need it. It helps them to see who they really are, and why they are here, and how they can help others. I know it is true. I know that this is the true gospel of Christ, that he has placed on the earth for the blessing of the children of men.

PS: Alex! I hope he is doing OK, I didn´t have a letter forwarded from aunt Martha this week, but I´m sure he is doing great.

I think that´s all I have family, we´ll talk next week! ADIOOOOOOOS!!!!!!

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