Thursday, July 8, 2010

June 28th 2010

There is this giant hole in the middle of a street here with construction, and all the rain turned this 20 foot deep hole into a cool waterfall.
A mural portraying the "viejitos" or old people. Every state here has a national dance, and Michoacan has the baila de los viejitos, and everyone wears a mask to look super old, and they basically stomp around with their canes for 10 minutes. Thought you might like it.
We get wet here.
This is my dog. His name is Fox. He wanders around a neighborhood, but he`s mine.
Well hello negrito dentisto.
We celebrated day of the dad and mom, and this is a dance the mothers did.


That sounds so awesome everyone! I hope you continue enjoying your time together, and play lots and lots of games for me! It`s weird, I`m at the point in the mission where I`m seeing things that I haven`t heard of before, like How to Train a Dragon or something like that by Pixar. I`m going to have a lot of stuff to get caught up on when I get back, I expect some form of list :P.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Holy cow, I can`t believe that when I get back Dad will be almost 60! You`re welcome dad. Happy birthday Mom and Rowan! I hope you had good ones!

That`s something I really appreicate about Utah now, festivals and stuff are safe. Here in Mexico, they are the most dangerous places. Everybody drinks like an elephant, even kids, and they are all crazy with alcohol and pictures of Christ`s death all around them, we try and avoid them whenever we can.

I`m sure it would be waaaay more economical to buy them down here. Like, a pair of nice shoes down here is something like 400 pesos if you look around, or like, 30 or so dollars. And I`m happy you don`t think Im overspending because...I need to spend a little more...for an umbrella and a new backpack. This one has held out valiantly for 6 months almost (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!?) but it`s starting to tear apart. We`re going to the holy land here, Wal-Mart. It`s outside of our area, but we have permission to go there today! WOOOOOOOOOH! I`m going to buy peanut butter, cereal, fat free milk, OOOOOH I`m excited. Especially since we didn`t take almost any taxis this month, so I have a bunch of extra money from the mission to be able to EAT in the mornings.

Elder Rojas is still doing good too, we said that if we catch our companion not smiling, they owe us pan dulce, or sweet bread thing that everyone sells here. So we`re keeping really busy, and really happy.


Well, as you can tell from picture 6, I was able to get really close to a giant hole in the middle of a busy street. Basically, there are no safety laws here. Kids play around this thing all day, and nobody cares. Only in Mexico.

However, I love these people. They have the potential to be so amazing! I can easily see a member of the 12 or prophet within the next 10-20 years being from Mexico. The members here are so strong, it`s crazy. The Stake President said something interesting, that the reason that there aren`t many GAs from Latin America is because not many go on missions, but he wants to help change that and encourage the youth to consider a mission.

Anyways, I love you all, I miss you, I know the church is true, and wish you all the best of luck.


Elder Joseph Newell

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