Thursday, July 8, 2010

June 7th 2010

That all sounds awesome! Sorry, but I have to do this pretty quick. What´s up is that I´m in Guadalajara right now, I just picked up my new companion, which means, I´m training! We got a call on Saturday night telling us that Elder Mata had changes and that I would be training, I came to the offices on Sunday, and went through his orientation today. We´re just about to head back to Uruapan. He is a mexican by the name of Elder Rojos. He seems awesome, a solid Elder. I am extremely humbeled by this amazing opportunity of trust and love the Lord has given me. It will be amazing to see and help another Elder progress, and to grow myself as well.
We had interviews with President Jesperson a week ago, and he asked me how I felt to lead. I told him I have no idea about forms, my spanish still is lacking, and I have only one change in the mission, but I feel like I can teach and follow the Spirit. I expected to be senior companion or something...I honestly thought Elder Mata was joking when he told me I was going to be training. President Jesperson greeted me today with a huge smile, laughing, and said, Surprise surprise! Yes. Yes it was.
Well, I will have a lot more to write about next week, and a bunch of pictures too, but time is very short right now.
Sorry, I love you all, the church is true, and God leads this work.
Elder Newell

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