Thursday, July 8, 2010

June 14th 2010

One of our baptisms this week. Her name is Karla, the little girl. Her dad (an active member) finally consented for her to be baptized
A bad picture of all of the elders in Uruapan traveling to a camp out with the sacerdocio of the ward as a reward for our good work.
Elder Rojas!
Hi Elder Tyler! We met up in the offices, he finished his mission and is home now!
Adios Elder Mata!


Well, this week has just been a little intense. As you know from my last letter, I was in Guadalajra this last week to pick up a new companion. New. As in, just left the MTC. Elder Rojas. He`s a native from Caretaro(sp?) and is an awesome missionary already. We`re working super hard.

But it`s awesome to hear that everyone is so happy at home! Sounds like the house is all busy again. Way to go for learning Photoshop Brae! That`s crazy that Than`s growing plants! I`m not going to recognize the guy when I get back :P.

I can`t believe that computer! A terrabite!? That`s insane! Sure is a good thing that when I get back that computer will be so worthless you`ll just give it to me, right? :P

By the way, sorry I had to withdraw so much money this week, going to Guadalajara is expensive, and we won`t have reembirsments for a while. I was also told that now that I`m senior comp, I need to have a backup of 1000 pesos, about 65 dollars to be able to take care of things if I have to.

Well, like I said, a lot happened this week. Elder Rojas and I returned to La Quinta in Uruapan, where the following day I got a call from our Zone Leader, Elder Cardenas, saying that President wants me to be District Leader...I said, "ok..."

So my second transfer, I went up to senior, am training, and am district leader, and have no idea what I`m doing. But it helps me to rely on the spirit more. We have had awesome success this week, because neither have any idea what we`re doing! We depend on the Lord, and he has guided us.

We found this guy that met with missionaries before, Armando Sisneros. He does drugs, heavily, every day for the past 20 years almost. He has gone into rehab facilities, but could never stay clean. He lost his wife, his kids, and his house because of this, and now lives with his parents. Now, he has a testimony of the Book of Mormon, of Jesus Christ, and of the power that God has to help all mankind. He told us yesterday in the capilla, that for the first time in who knows how long, he hasn`t used drugs for a whole day, and that he wants to stay that way. It is such an amazing privilege to be able to be here, and to see how God can help these people change their lives into something they can be proud of. Even more miraculous, it is only after one week of visits! This man had no power to overcome his vices for 20 years, and in one week, the gospel of Jesus Christ has helped him start to make himself clean from outside substances.

Well, time is short, so I`m going to leave it there. But know that I love you all, God is with us, and that I am so happy for you all being together at home.

¡Adios mi familia!

Elder Joseph Neil Newell

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