Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 1st 2010


Halloween was something interesting here. Nobody really made costumes, just bought a bunch of reaaaaaalllly grotuesque masks for their kids and let them run around the city. Congratz on the realization of THRILLER!

All of your costumes looked really great, way to go Jen on winning the prize! I laughed pretty hard when I saw the arms for the Dalek, because it is probably what they used originally to make it. I have seen those skeletons, but I didn´t know they had a name/story.

I think I might be starting to send a lot more videos, because I almost don´t have time now to write much :(

I got the letter, I´m going to be sending it by fax to the number it says, and also by DHL home so it gets there fast. I am still in the process of getting an appointment, we´ll see how it goes.

Don´t worry about my feelings when it comes to Merl. If it´s his time, it´s his time. I know I´ll get to see him again. If Joseph Smith gets to see his favorite horse in the afterlife, I better get to see my dog!

Sounds like Christmas is going to be a blast. Let me know what happens so I can live vicariously through your emails.

I cannot believe so much time has gone by. We´re about to hit the 10 month mark, which is almost 1 year, which is half of the mission, which is a lot of time!

Well, we are really trying hard to put the example for the zone, me and Elder Fuentes, working hard to meet all the goals that have been set. Goals like, 20 lessons, 200 contacts, 7 new investigators, 3 people at church, and 3 new baptismal dates. We were one of the only two zone leaders in the mission to get it all this week. We´re happy, but still not very happy. We didn´t baptize anyone this month, and the zone suffered for it. We feel super bad, but at the same time are super excited to move forward to find those the Lord has prepared to recieve his Gospel. AAAARGH NO TIME! I hope the movies and pictures can satisfy your curiosity here, OH! Real quick answers to questions I can remember off the top of my head!

No we don´t have a car, we are in charge of Tonala, and a good chunck of Guadalajara, We almost never have contact with other Zones unless we have the monthly meeting with President, with the other Zone Leaders, no we don´t get a lot of sleep because usually we are fixing things in the Zone, and no, we do not have horns.

I hope everything keeps going well over there, have an excellent week!


Elder Newell

A baptismal service for the stake we had.
Elder Fuentes showing off in front of a cow standing in garbage. I was going to get a picture too, but it started walking away when I tried, and it was a really big cow.

Being bored on P-Day with Elder Fuentes

Practicing for a spot in a Gatorade commercial, right after having taken a swig of it.

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