Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8th 2010


Hawhahaha, that all looks like soooo much fun! Looks like the costmes wereall out this year! There is also a lot of foodhere that is...less than great. Especially in the really poor homes. But they seem to be the ones with the most generosity , and that never let you leave without eatin something. The people here are honestly super nice, and friendly, andhumble, andgiving. Sounds like Alex is really having some good time too. If you`re comfortable, you`re not bein a missionary. Our nations definitely seem very simillair. Even the people look similair.

But the Lord has His ways of making us grow. Our first week to get the goals of 20 lessons and 200 contacts, we needed 3 and 60, the second week, 3 and 100, then 5 and 60, and this week was 5 and 114. We got them every time. It requiered workin until the lastsecond, but we got them with the strength of the Lord. Honestly it is amazing what we can do if we embark fully in the service of our Lord, and allow him to mold us into the people we can really be.

I have an appointment with the doctor in an hour for my retainer to get it fixed, thanks Mom and Dad! Also I am planning on cooking a fake thanksgiving dinner for some members in the ward, and use it as an excse to get them excited for missionary work :)

Not mch to report this week, and not much time, but we`re doing great, I have some videos to send but...I don`t have the camera with me. Sorry! Oh, new companion, Elder Sill. We are in a trio now! He is American, from Las Vegas.

I hope everything is going well over there, and that we are all still etting along well. Hope Em is stil doin well with her group at UVU, and getting some more schooling and all! Aso that Thor is doing well, and that Dad`s book keeps cimbing up! They said I can read it when I get home. I`ll be in the airport reading it :) Effie and Mark, hope all is wel with you


Elder Newell

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