Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 14th 2010

If you don´t get the letter out on Sunday, no worries, the earliest I check the mail is at 12. Sounds like everyone is still doing great. Happy to hear the garden is still progressing. I can´t believe how big Ava and Myla are! That´s ridiculous! I think it´s time to throw a Mexican super-easy snack recipe your way!
So this is a little treat that Elder Fuentes and myself have been eating like crazy. The basic version:
2 slices of bread
1 can of refried beans
Hot sauce
Just put the beans on the bread, butter it up first for more flavor, then put on the cheese and throw it in the microwave for 30 seconds. After the cheese is melted, pour on some hot sauce, and you´ve got a good treat. The more complicated way is with a type of bread called Bolio that is kind of like baggett. You could probably find it in the mexican markets, it´s super common. It´s like baggett, like I said, and you cut it in half, scoop out the bread to make a cup, then toast it. Then you put in the beans, and cheese, then toast it again until the cheese melts. It´s soooooooo good.
By the way, I got the retainer all taken care of, thanks so much for all the support Mom and Dad. I took a lot of money out, but most of that is in reimbursments. The actual retainer only cost 1000 pesos. A whole lot cheaper than we thought. I also had to buy a new iron. The Elder that had our iron had changes two weeks ago, and we really needed another one.
We´re still working hard here in Tonala, or as we say, Tonaranch. I´m going to have some videos ready for next week, so get ready!
This week was strange. We picked some old investigators of the other Elders, and started teaching them as a favor to the Elders, give them one last chance sort of thing. I have learned a lot of how important it is to speak wich clarity when teaching people about the Gospel. When there is clarity, the spirit testifies of that plain and simple truth. When you are embarassed, nervous, or otherwise confused while teaching, the person will not feel the spirit without much effort. These people didn´t understand what was the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Why we were there, or why they needed to follow Him. I remember an investigator that thought to violate the law of Chastity was to be in the same room as a girl alone...clarity is good. We have also found people who just weren´t ready when the other missionaries were there, but now are completely ready to accept the Gospel. For an example, an Elder that served in this area told us about a family that was really good, but never went to church. We went by, and the husband, who had always been "working" when the other Elders were there, was there with us. They explained he had been to prison the last couple of years, but now released and they want to hear the missionaries now. They could never go to church because they were visiting him in Jail, and were too embarassed or somethign to tell the missionaries. They came to church two weeks ago and are slated for a baptism this week. It has really strengthened my testimony that the Lord has his ways of preparing us to accept him.
Elder Fuentes and myself continue to make huge strides in our personal development, and when we fall we pick each other up again. I´m so happy to have a companion. I can´t imagine doing this without someone to help and support me. Elder Sill is also doing great. He looks almost exactly like Stephen´s kinda creepy honestly. We´ve become great friends, and are working hard to serve the Lord.
My time´s almost up, but I hope everyone back home is doing great. Thanks Aunt for writing all the letters! The stories about Grandpa were great, and have really inspired me to increase my level of committment! I love hearing about the lives of you and your family, and about how the gospel has influinced your lives.
I hope everything is well with everyone else, and that we can continue having success in our efforts of life.
Elder Newell

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