Monday, March 28, 2011

March 14th 2011


Hahaha, that`s a great poster, congratulations Mom! Can`t believe that picture from Effies, that was a while ago wasn`t it?

I haven`t heard much about the Japan thing, just bits and pieces from people in the street. It reminds me of a quote from President Hinckley, While the church has resources, it will always extend them to the poor and needy. We are actually teaching a lady named Maria de Los Angeles. She reminds me a lot of Mom. She has a huuuuuuge garden in her house, something extremely unnatural here, and of course worries a lot about her son. She is amazing. She really inspires me with her faith and desire to serve God.

So sorry to be a little rushed today, it was one of those late p-days. We got together and played soccer with the other zones in Guadalajara and I got to meet up with Elder Tah and the zone of Reforma again, so that was fun. I didn`t take my camera though, so next week I will have gathered all the photos I need.

Anyways, I hope all is going well back home, because things are going amazingly over here. It has been a week where the Holy Ghost is the true senior companion, and it has been a week of miracles.


Love you all,
Elder Newell

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