Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28th 2011


Thanks! I didn`t even remember until my companion told me in the week. Hahaha, thanks so much Mom for the birthday celebration, but it`s going to have to wait until tomorrow I`m afraid. I actually had changes! Only 6 weeks in one area, it`s a record for my mission! I`m now in the area of Cadabas (?). What`s happening is that I have not gotten there yet. It`s about an hour outside of the city of Zamora in a town called Patria, so I`m with the Zone Leaders in Zamora until my companion gets in from Guadalajara so we can go explore our new area. Yep, my comp is coming in from Guadalajara because we are opening up a new area. Kind of. This area had sister missionaries, and now they are putting myself and someone else in there to work. So we will be getting everything started practically from scratch.

This last week we baptized a lady by the name of Ernestina! We contacted her husband about 4 weeks ago, and they are such an amazing middle aged couple. They made their own beautiful house, her husband Arturo makes modifications to their pickup to make it practically into a van, and they just are always happy and taking care of their grandkids. We planned their baptism for this week, and the both of them could have done it, but Arturo will have to wait a bit. However Ernestina decided she wanted to go on ahead! We had a spiritual service where I performed the ordinance. She said that she felt someting very special. Like when she prayed and recieved an answer that the Book of Mormon is true. The great thing is that the Relief Society has really taken her into the organization very well, and all are very happy it seems like.

There were a bunch of changes in the mission. Remember Elder Tibbitts? My MTC comp? Well now he`s the new assistant. Crazy right? I still remember waiting in the MTC nervously thinking I wouldn`t get a companion because he was late. But it should be an excellent opportunity for him, we`re really happy for him.

I actually couldn`t test the Thyroid. We went to the clinic and it was closed for holidays. But don`t worry, Sister Jesperson is making sure it all gets done. Awesome job John! You`re way braver than I was at your age! Emily as well, sounds like your just doing great.

I hope all is well over there, things should be really interesting over here. Strawberries are really cheap, it is the strawberry farm of the country supposedly. Can`t wait to go discover what`s awaiting in my area. Sounds like the sister missionaries had someone that will be baptized this Saturday, so, we should probably go find him.

Have an excellent week, I love you all!


Elder Newell

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