Monday, March 28, 2011

March 7th 2011

Actually I didn`t cook anything...everybody in the ward has found out I cooked Chilis rellenos con queso and have then been astonished when I tell them I haven`t been able to cook anything in the mission. Like Alex says, just no time. But wow, sounds like things are still going excellently at home! Love the shirt Em. Way to go Uncle Rog on remembering your sister. Sounds like all are doing really well. Way to go John! You`re way smarter than I was when I was your age!

Well this week was excellent! Another week of crazy growth. I feel like the Lord is trying to teach me as much as he possibly can in this next year so that I don`t come back home and fail miserably. Anyways, it was a great week in the end. We got 5 people in church! That`s five more than our tiny ward has had in a month! The ward was very excited to recieve new people. And the best part is, they`re two families! The ward is in desperate need of a lot of stuff, but more especially priesthood! EXCLAMATION POINTS! We had about 8 potential priesthood holders planned out for church, but only two arrived. It`s so great to see how people become closer to each other through church worship.
For example: We are teaching this family by the names of Maria Elena (mom), Daniel (son), and Natali (granddaughter) that came to church this week. They have always been kind of luke warm in regards ot the church, weren`t very consistent in keeping their commitments, etc. But we got them to church yesterday, and went and visited them in the day. They said they felt good, but very generally speaking. They almost never participate. We talked and read about Moroni 7 and how he tells us how we can judge if something is good or not. They realized church is what helps them grow their faith in Christ, and it is something that God has placed to help them as individuals. We then talked about the ultimate goal of all this, eternal families. They started to really reflect on what we had been saying, and committed to baptism. Their such a cool family.
We also talked to this guy Alfredo yesterday. He lived in the US for 28 years and came back to Mexico about 8 years ago. He`s got a
buuunch of tatoos. He said he dedicated his life to Christ 12 years ago and since that his whole life is better. He said he is in worse shape financially and all that, doesn`t have chairs, never anything to eat, etc., but he thanks God every day for what he has. He mentioned he wanted to keep growing his faith, and leave behind some things he has in his life, and we told him he could do that through the gospel of Jesus Christ. He had lots of objections to baptism, saying he was already baptized in the United States. He didn`t really want to listen to that, and just wanted us to help him get out of the stuff hes in. We knew that this really is the only way he can do that, and so we kept talking about it. Eventually we got to the Holy Ghost and how it helps us to overcome trials, comforts us, purifies us, and is necessary for our salvation. He said that in his baptism he was expecting to feel something powerful and strong, some type of peace, but he didn`t really feel anything. He said he didn`t feel like he had the gift of the Holy Ghost. We read Acts 19 where Paul rebaptizes a group of people that were baptized but did not recieve the Holy Ghost, and when he left he was very excited for his baptism! He is such a precious soul that has been "kept from the truth only because (he) knows not where to find it."
The mission is amazing. I know I say it every week but it`s really true. I was reflecting on who I was before, and seeing how the Lord has helped me to grow. To still be the same person let`s say, but magnified. The good traits improved, and the bad ones diminished. Truly the Lord has many ways of preparing us, every one. I hope and pray the Holy Ghost accompanies you all in the week, and that God guides and protects you. I love you all and know you are truly sons and daughters of God.
Elder Newell
1 - 2. A special needs daughter of some members. She gave me a "hat" and we looked through the gospel art book.

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