Saturday, May 7, 2011

April 5th 2011


First off, let me say that I`m sorry for missing yesterday! We
had a zone wide activity, and I stayed behind with the Zone Leaders
for transportation to get back home. We all went looking for an
internet cafe but we looked for hours and didn`t find a one. We
humbly resigned to come today in the mornnig in our own areas. The
activity? We played soccer, I scored two goals thank you very much to
help win on team America, and later went to a Chinese Buffett.

Life here is great. Elder Cervera is a champ. We almost haven`t
even worked in our area though. With a day long capacitation in
Zamora, and two days of General Conference, and arriving late into the
week, we really didn`t get much done. However, we found someone
amazing, Enrique. This poor guy has a very sick wife, and he can`t
pay for the bills. He says he is going to go to the US to find work,
because he can`t provide for his family here.
He asked who should we blame for the earthquakes, sufferings,
etc. in the world. We explained that we dont blame anyone, but that
God has placed a prophet in our days to warn us and aid us to overcome
the challenges that we DO favce in this life, and invited him to see
these men speak in conference. His response was, I want to see the
prophet speak. However, we don`t know if he made it to church or not
because we were in Zamora with the rest of the zone. So that was fun.
Our area is called Cavadas by the way, in the town of La Piedad.
It`s such an amazing place. Rolling green fields on the outskirts of
town, very nice people, and their ready. This place is soooooo ready
for the gospel. I love this town so much.

Seeing that picture of the school dance reminded me of the
schools here. Imagine one of those houses in the background, with
another story on top, and surrounded by dirt and graffiti. That is
how the schools are here. Their almost all done by the state, and are
very poorly taken care of. I`ve realized that maybe I won`t change a
nation while I`m here, but I sure can at least help the people
discover the tools that their father in Heaven has given to them to be
able to change things. v I see so much hope here in Mexico. There are
many, many people that desire to be better, to leave behind the
foolish and frail things of the world, and find true comfort and
security in their savior, but they only do not know where to find it!

Yes Mom, I did take a picture, but it is almost all on video.
I`ll try and see if I can find a way to ship out a dvd home with a
collection of movies Ive taken here.

I love youall, I hope that all can accept Elder Peacocks
vexcellent invitation to pray, and discover. It is something that I
have been putting into practice a lot this week, and it has given me
much needed aid. I know this is true. There is not one fiber in my
being that can deny it. I have seen, felt, and experienced too much
to deny that there is a God, and that he loves us so very much. I
hvope one day to be able to portray a thousandth part of that love to
you all, but until then let me say that I truly do love you. It is a
love that has grown so much over the last year, and I hope to be able
to repay you all, at least in part, for the incredible, and powerful
effect you`ve all had in my life.


Elder Newell

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