Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 2nd 2011

OK! First thing first! The call will be on SATURDAY at 5 PM. If there are any news flashes or anything, we`ll find a way to let you all know.

Haha, sorry about last week, honestly. We were going to write, but the next day there was a conference in Zamora, and later something else came up, and it was just one thing after another.
Wow, I cannot believe it. What happened to my brother? First he started getting a fashion sense, then started working out, then getting married, and now skydiving? Sounds (and looks) like he had lots of fun. By the way! I got your invitation in the mail the other day! Thanks SO MUCH for sending me an invitation! Expect something in the mail in about...a month or so...sorry, them`s the breaks down here...

Mango is pretty good. There`s tons of it down here. It`s the candy that they give to their kids. Sounds like things are still going great for Andrea, congratulations!

Things are amazing here as well! I feel like I just left the MTC again, it`s like Mission part 2! We have a family of such amazing people make it to church the last couple of weeks. Concepcion. She is a grandmother with two little grandchildren, 10 and 9 years old. The mother of these kids was killed in a murder-suicide done by her husband. Concepcion really wants to see her daughter again, and has such a strong faith. She is so humble and is willing to do whatever the Lord commands her to do. She made it to church last time, walking. She lives about an hour away from the church at the speed of a missionary walk. For a grandma and two little ones, I imagine at least hour and a half. She made it both times by herself. We even went by to pick her up with a member this time, but the members needed lots of time to get ready and we arrived late. The daughter said, "She`s not here, she went on an errand!" I was crushed! "OH NO! I remember now, she left for church!" YES! She has a baptismal date with her grandchildren for the 13th of this month.

Also Rosa is progressing very well. We found her in the bus and she told us to go by her house rather quickly and left. We went by an found out she feels guilty in her life because her sons are in drug problems. We talked about how the Atonement makes up for everything, and explained that the Book of Mormon helps us to learn how He can heal all wounds, and make all things right. She loves the Book of Mormon. She can feel her faith growing. She said, I need to put the example for my sons so that they can find Christ!

I also got a call from Elder Rojas today, my companion from Uruapan! We talked about old times, and I figured out that Jorge is preparing to go on a mission! I`m so excited for him, because I was told that he went inactive for a bit, but Elder Rojas said that he heard a testimony of how the Book of Mormon changed their life, and he decided it could change his, and now wants to help others as well!

I love you all bunches, time is going by so fast! Can you all believe that Alex has almost 18 months? I`m going for 16...yikes this goes by really fast. Before you know it, we`ll be in the call of December, and then I`ll be home in two weeks! Seeing our calendar in the house is a daily reminder that I don`t have that much time left, and I need to always work harder and smarter, and with more faith!

I love this work, I love this church, I love my Savior and my God for having blessed me to come into the earth with this amazing family and have the incredible opportunity to not have to wait for some punk in a shirt and tie to find me to know the gospel!

I love you all so much, and hope that all stays well and on course for the two weddings!


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