Monday, May 30, 2011

May 23rd 2011

OH MY GOODNESS CONGRATULATIONS THAN AND CHI EEEEEEE!!!!!!! Sombreros and tacos are flying in the air here to congratulate you! Sounds like everyone is working super hard! Hope everything goes well and that there aren`t too many bombs that go off! If just getting a baptismal service organized and going, I cannot believe how hard a full wedding has to be.
I`m so jealous of our garden. There just isn`t much vegetation here and to see a real garden always makes me look like a deer ijn the headlights. I just have no idea what to do when I see one. I can`t imagine it when I get home!
This week was ana amazing week for us too. We had about 3-4 days to work in our area thanks to various conferences in everything, and when we got back into our area we worked as hard as we could, using all we could, and completed with almost all of our goals! We also saw a huge miracle with Javier Urbano. We found Javier several weeks ago, he had attended church several times since then, but never watned to really committ himself. He attended 2 churches at the same time. We told him that he needed to pray to know if he should be baptized. We went back on Friday, and he said, "I did what you said, and opened the book (the Book of Mormon), and God told me that I need to be baptized. So this Sunday right, just get it done with(I`m not sure that`s the right translation for the spanish phrase, but it`s all I can think of)?" I was stunned! It took me a couple of seconds to gather my senses and asked him about his experience. He said he focused really hard, then prayed and asked God if what we were teaching was true. He opened the Book and he said he recieved his answer. We told him he would have to stop smoking and drinking coffee and he said, I promise you that this is the last day in my life I will smoke or drink coffee! So he will be baptized next Friday.
Well, don`t have much time this week because of technical difficulties, but I wish everyone the best, and wish I could be there! It must be amazing to see the Newell clan draw together for such a special occasion!
Love you all,
Elder Newell

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