Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30th 2011


WOOOOOOOW! I honestly can`t believe it. Sounds like the wedding was AMAZING! A truly paradisacal show of love and unity! We`re honestly so lucky in the U.S. We have so much more than we think we do.
I`m honestly at a loss of words. I just expect an EXACT replica of everything that happened when I get back. Hahaha, no, just kidding, but honestly super congratulations Than and Chi. I know I`ve been saying that in almost every mail since Christmas, but it`s true, CONGRATULATIONS! I cannot think of anything more appropriate to say than I`m so happy for you, and hope and pray the best for you. We even had a mini-party here for you guys on Thursday in the District.

Down here in Mexico, things are going fantastically. Javier`s baptism fell through because he smoked. He had been outside of the house all week long and didn`t go to church. We were super worried. We went by Sunday afternoon to check up on him, and he said that he really doesn`t have a problem dropping cigarretes, just that he felt like getting baptized again would be an offense against God. So we started to explain the Restoration again, Joseph Smith, the Priesthood, etc. He commited to praying to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet once more.
We`re kind of passing all of our investigators through lots of filters right now. Nobody has come to church almost since I`ve been here, and we are really desirous to find those that are honestly searching for the Gospel, even if they don`t know it, in their lives.

But this week has kind of brought lots of revelations to my mind. I renewed my determination to be more like my great example in the mission, Elder Peacock, and become even MORE focused on others and forget myself. I`m starting to see the work so differently. I honestly really love being here. These people are so hungry and thirsty for peace and aid in this hard time. They need support and know not where to find it. I`m beginning to realize so much more of what Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ hope of me while I am here. I start to feel bad sometimes thinking about how I should have known all this before the mission. Be prepared before leaving to Mexico. Then I remember, we are ALWAYS going to be growing and changing and bettering ourselves. Even the prophet isn`t Jesus Christ. He especialy is learning in his calling. And I remember the parable in Jacob 5 and remember how hard the Lord works to nourish his trees so that they give fruit. I realized I`m that one that was behind all the rest that didn`t grow very much, but the Lord of the vineyard just kept working, and working, and working, and eventually, hey, it started to work! It made me really reflect on what is true hope. Life is such an amazing thing.
But now I`m really off track. I`m super happy that everyone is doing amazingly! I`m honestly hoping to see that movie they showed before the wedding. I finally could send the letters last week, so they might get there mid-june. I finished my collection of Thor mini-toys they are selling here in Mexico. They`re four different plastic doohickies that revolve around the hammer principally. Anyways, I`ll send picks next week, don`t have my camera on me right now, my bad.

We`re doing excellently out here and always have smiles on our faces!
Love you all so much!


Elder Newell

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