Friday, February 4, 2011

December 27th 2010

It was so great to talk with you all! Don`t we just love technology?
Sounds like everyone had a merry Christmas. Haha, I thought when you said they got frozen that you left something in the freezer or something. I didn`t even remember that it gets really cold over there in Christmas.
I didn`t get some of the pictures that you said you sent, like the one of you and Dad in the carport.
I don`t have much to report this week. I was sick almost the whole week with naseau and knee pains. We`re getting it all taken care of though. Today I plan on going and buying some clothes to replace what is dead right now.
This week marks the beginning of 2011. How strange, right? This time next year I`ll be packing my bags. It has been a time of much reflection for me. To remember how things were at home, and how I was as a person. And who I am now as well. It`s something very interesting to see how a person grows on the mission. I have seen people embrace their calling and become amazing people for it. I have also seen people deny why they are here, and never strive to magnify their calling and how they return basically the same person. It`s something very weird to think about how I personally have grown on my mission. I can only imagine the opportunities of growth that await me in this next year, and more importantly, the opportunities that many more people are going to have to accept the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, and better their lives here, and gain eternal salvation. I love this work. I love seeing people change who they are and become true disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I hope we all end this Christmas season happilly and with true joy, and that we all go back home safely. See you all next year.
Elder Newell

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