Friday, February 4, 2011

January 3rd 2011

Sounds like Merl had a good last day. Happy you could all be there to help him out as he went to the other side.
But this is supposed to be a HAPPY OCCASION! CONGRATULATIONS THAN AND CHI!!!! WOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!! Honestly, super happy congratulations. As one thing ends, another always begins! Life is so great like that. WHen we think that we´ve hit a wall, there´s always a door provided to us to find even greener pastures. By the way, those pictures of home are super green. Nothing here even gets close to the majesty of Mom´s Garden.
Yes I have been buying what I need thank you all so much. I got a new shirt, pants, and two ties. They were from a kind of upscale store but it was all 70% off. Thanks so much for the support you all send me.
Not a whole lot to report right now. We couldn´t work much last week because Elder Flores was sick, and we moved. The new house is awesome. It is actually like a house, not just a bunch of walls taht were slapped together like the old place. However, Elder Flores had changes to a place called Tzitacuaro, and now I am with Elder Tah. Elder Tah was also trained by Elder Tyler, making us brothers! SHould be an interesting companionship, but we´re both ready and willign to work hard!
I hope all is well over there and that things stay well,
Elder Joseph Newell

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