Friday, February 4, 2011

January 31st 2011


So happy to hear about everything back home! Hahaha, I can`t even believe you made it to a party. Good work! Sounds like we`re all taking steps, haha! CONGRATULATIONS ALEX! Remember! Be obedient, follow the Spirit, and do all you can to learn from everything that happens! Everything! This is a RULE! If you do it you will be able to become exactly what Heavenly Father wants for you!

Way to go Em, sounds like you`re putting a lot of effort into school! Learning is another rule that applies to all of us! I love to learn, and love to see others learn as well. It`s such an amazing thing to see someone start to really understand something. To change what was in their heads before, and see them grow, increase their capabilities to do, and become more than they thought they were. Or less. Depends on how we thought I suppose. Even Moses had that situation when he saw God. He said that now he knew that Man was nothing, which he had never before supposed. Learning is such a fascinating process.

Holy cow Laurel is growing up. I thought that picture was Andrea. It`s amazing what only one year can do.

As far as us here in Tonala, we finally saw some fruits of our labors! Alma and Abel were baptized yesterday! They are such an amazing family. Abel can`t read, we had to teach with pure pictures, but it really showed me how we need to give the Lord every opportunity we can to make a miracle. We were showing him pictures of Christ, because they didn`t really have any true faith in Christ as far as who he is, etc. Abel mentioned to us afterwards that one of those pictures hit him really hard, and that he wanted to cry during the lesson, but held it back. When he knelt down to ask God if this was true, he felt the same feelings, and knew it was true. His wife as well was always asleep with the kids when we arrived, so we went early in the morning Thursday, taught her the Restoration, came back the next day and she had prayed, and knew it was true. We taught the rest in two days, and they were baptized after an interview with the District Leader Elder Perry, and assisting church once more. They are so special. They have testimonies so strong, and I know the Lord loves them so much. I love them as well. They are like my other family here. A new light has entered into their lives. They are...I don`t know how to describe it. Happier.

We also found Elena. We contacted her and she gave us a referrence of her niece who`s Mom is listening to the missionaries in Florida. We taught her for a bit, but went looking for Elena last week. We found out where she lived, and started to teach. She has such strong desires to follow God. We came back the second time and we asked her how her prayer went, and she said, I feel like I need to go on Sunday to know this is true. Tears started to well into her eyes, and I knew that God had answered her prayers in giving her the desires to attend and see for herself. We explained more about what happened on Sunday, and she arrived without us even going for her in the morning with her husband, daughter, and niece. She is such an amazing person. She loved Church, and is for sure going to be baptized in another week or two.

After the trials we have had the last three weeks, the Lord is blessing us so much. He has wrought mighty changes in our hearts, and we have seen Him do the same in others. I love this church. I love our God and His blessings. I love these people, and love how they accept the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I hope all stays well this week, you will all be in my prayers.


Elder Newell

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