Friday, February 4, 2011

January 24th, 2011

Hahahaha, sounds good. Sounds like not a lot happened this week back home. A newly arrived Elder in the zone, Elder Wallace, told me that when he was in the MTC it was snowing. I thought...snowing? What? It should be super hot. Then somebody reminded me it was January, and I remembered I have a year already and that it`s not summer anymore up there. It was really weird feeling.
This week was good for us. We had a lot of trials. Every single thing we had planned for two/three days fell through. We just had to keep working and find something the Lord wanted us to do, but He blessed us to be able to complete our goals again. We brought two people to Church, Alma and Abel. This is the son and daughter-in-law of a recent convert that moved into their house recently. They are really good people, but really, really humble. They don`t even have money to take a bus. Their food is tortillas and beans every day. They`re both looking for work, but haven`t found anything right now. They have true desires to know God, and have Him in their lives. They attended the Regional Conference this week and loved it. Elder Holland spoke in Spanish. It was really weird.
All in all it has been a very large week of growth for me. As a person, a missionary, and as a brother to the people here, I have learned alot. I love it here. I feel myself progressing and growing every single day, and I`m so grateful to God for this chance I have to serve His children here.
I have seen for myself just how much God is willing to help us if we strive to find Him. Sorry I don`t have much to write this week, but we are having an activity in the zone and I don`t really have a lot of time today.
I love you all, I`m praying for you, and I know God is blessing you,
Elder Newell

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